Manufacturing Production

Recognized Skill Standards
March 2, 2018


These national skill standards were developed by the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC). The MSSC is a national industry group that is highly recognized by its constituent industry. It employs two volunteer National Expert Panels, which include subject matter experts representing all sectors of manufacturing, educators, and a broad cross-section of national and international companies. The panels review the skill standards biennially to ensure that they are up to date with current industry practices and new technology.

The previously recognized manufacturing skill standards, which featured six discrete specialty areas, were consolidated into four critical work function modules in the Manufacturing Production skill standards: safety; quality practices & measurement; manufacturing processes & production; maintenance awareness; and green production. The consolidation eliminates a high level of internal duplication that existed in the original set of skill standards recognized in 2006.

MSSC partnered with NOCTI, a leading assessment provider, to develop an industry‐defined assessment aligned with these consolidated standards, which results in a Certified Production Technician (CPT®) certification. More information about the certification can be found on the MSSC website:  

Importance to Texas

According to Texas Workforce Commission data, the manufacturing industry is a strong employer in the state. Average annual employment for all production workers in 2014 was 706,300, which is projected to grow 10.7 percent by 2024, with approximately 25,000 openings per year. The average annual wage in 2016, the latest data available, was $38,228. In addition, the average annual employment for first-line supervisors of production workers is projected to increase 11.2 percent between 2014 and 2024, to an estimated 53,430. These managers earned an average annual wage of $67,954 in 2016.


The MSSC skill standards were originally recognized on July 17, 2001, at the request of Schlumberger Company in Houston. The recognition of the MSSC skill standards was extended on October 24, 2006. On July 19, 2011, the Manufacturing Production skill standards were recognized. The standards were updated in 2015, 2017, and again in 2019 to the 2020 edition, which includes nine newly emerging “Industry 4.0” technologies. The updated editions were recognized in Texas in June 2016, March 2018, and March 2021, respectively.