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Texas Skill Standards Repository

Welcome to the Texas Skill Standards Repository.

All Texas Workforce Investment Council recognized skill standards are stored here. Recognition means that the standards have met criteria for procedural and content validity and reliability according to the Guidelines for the Development, Recognition, and Usage of Skill Standards and Developing Skill Standards: A User's Guide.

All skill standards are submitted by industry groups and required to be reviewed, and updated as necessary when there are substantive changes to the work-oriented information.

The skill standards are listed in alphabetical order by title, followed by information about the standards:


About the Standards:

Recognized Skill Standards:

Analyzer Technician Go

Biomanufacturing Go

Biomedical Equipment Technician Go

BioTechnology and Biomedical Skill Standards for Regulatory Affairs and Clinical Trials Go

BioTechnology and Biomedical Skill Standards for Research and Development Go

Chemical/Refining Process Technician Go

CNC Set-Up Programmer–Milling and Turning Go 

Community Health Worker Go 

Customer Service and Sales Go

Cybersecurity Go

Data Analytics and Predictive Modeling Go 

Data Management and Engineering Go 

Database Development and Administration Go

Digital Forensics Technician Go

Digital Game and Simulation Programmer Go

Digital Media Go

Distributed Renewable Solar Energy Technician Go

Electronic Game Content Production Go

Enterprise Systems Analysis and Integration Go

Fuel Cell Systems Technician Go

Geographic Information System (GIS) Technician Go

Highly Automated (Manufacturing) Systems Technician Go

Homeland Security Support Specialist Go

Industrial Instrumentation and Controls Technician Go

Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Go 

Infrastructure Connectivity Management and Engineering Go 

Machinist I Go

Machinist Level II Go

Manufacturing Logistics Go  (Updated)

Manufacturing Production Go 

Mechatronics Technician I (Fitter) Go 

Mechatronics Technician II (Installer) Go 

Medical Office Manager Go

Medical Records and Health Information Technician/Medical Coder Go 

Metalforming I Go

Metal Stamping II Go

Metal Stamping III Go

Nanotechnology Technician Go

Network Design and Administration Go

Oceanographic Instrumentation Technician Go

Oil and Gas Production Technician Go

Photonics Technician Go

Power Generation Go

Precision Optics Technician Go

Programming/Software Engineering Go

Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Technician Go

Software Development Go 

Surgical Technologist Go 

Technical Project Management Go 

Technical Support Go 

Technical Support Go

Technical Writing Go

Telecommunications Maintenance Technician Go

Transmission Line Worker Go 

Web Development and Administration Go

Wind Turbine Technician Go