Program Recognition Requirements

Texas skill standards based program recognition is an initiative to recognize a community or technical college workforce education award (credential) that has skill standards incorporated into the curriculum, classroom instruction, and assessments. Program recognition indicates to employers that a technical program is teaching the competencies, skills, and knowledge as defined by industry in the skill standards. Program recognition is valid for three years, at which time a new application may be submitted.

New or existing community and technical college level two certificate or associate's degree programs are eligible for program recognition.

Recognized programs will be displayed on the employer section of this website. In addition, colleges will have the option to affix a gold, embossed seal to the credential of every graduate of its recognized program(s). The seal will signal to recruiting employers that program graduates have been taught the industry skill and knowledge requirements specified in the skill standards.

Community and technical colleges are required to submit a complete application for each level two certificate or associate of applied science program for which they are seeking program recognition.  The Application for Program Recognition requires that the college:

1. Document the integration of skill standards into the program's technical education curriculum.

2. Sign a statement of assurance indicating the institution's commitment to teach and assess the program's students on the basis of the skill standards, and meet a number of other submission requirements, subject to documentation under a desk audit, if requested.

3. Obtain approval of the skill standards-based curriculum by the program's industry advisory committee, as indicated by the chair's signature.

Click here to access the step-by-step program recognition application process and links to related forms.

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