Program Recognition Application Process


Colleges interested in applying for Texas skill standards based program recognition should follow the steps below. The application process is described in detail in the document, Application Instructions for Program Recognition (see Step 2 below). The document contains program recognition requirements, and application instructions, as well as submission and technical assistance information.

Step 1: Incorporation of Skill Standards Content into Technical Curriculum
Interested community and technical colleges should begin the program recognition process by incorporating the skill standards content into courses for a level two certificate or associate of applied science program. For guidance in integrating skill standards elements into curriculum, colleges should begin by reading the document, A User's Guide:  Incorporating Skill Standards into Community and Technical College Curriculum.  Colleges may also schedule a virtual skill standards usage workshop with Texas Workforce Investment Council (TWIC) staff. The workshop provides an orientation to the Texas skill standards elements and format followed by a suggested process for integrating each element into a program's curriculum.

New or Revised Programs
For community and technical colleges developing a new or revising an existing program, Step 1 should be completed before the program is submitted to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (Coordinating Board) for approval. As the college designs or revises its program, it should ensure that the set of courses constituting the award (credential) encompasses all the skill standards elements. However, before receiving TWIC recognition, the program must be approved by the Coordinating Board. 

Step 2: Submission of Application
College applicants must submit separate documentation for each level two certificate or associate of applied science program for which they are seeking recognition. The program's industry advisory committee chair must sign off on the application, indicating the committee's support of the skill standards-based curriculum. Detailed information to complete and submit the application documents is in the Application Instructions for Program Recognition (see link below). To download the application forms in interactive Microsoft (MS) Word format, click on the links below.


Step 3: Review and Discussion of Application
The college's application is reviewed against the program recognition requirements. (See Application Instructions for Program Recognition.) If staff has any questions or concerns about whether the application meets the recognition requirements, college applicants will be invited to discuss them and to make adjustments as needed.


Step 4: Program Recognition
For applications that meet all the requirements, staff notifies the college that program recognition has been approved, and posts the program on the Texas skill standards website.

For applications that do not meet the requirements, with or without adjustments, the college will be notified of the review process outcome.